Welcome To Courage Education Foundation

Courage Education Foundation is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of the Nigerian child through the provision of quality education.



For countless families, putting food on the table has become a precarious daily struggle. Sadly, where there is such hardship, children are often the first casualties – suffering without understanding why parents, faced with the choice of feeding their children or paying their school levies, are forced to withdraw their precious children from school and place them on the streets to hawk everything imaginable. According to the figures recently released by UNESCO in their Global Monitoring Report on Education for All in 2014, there are about 264 million children worldwide who are not in school. Nigeria alone accounts for about 23 million of this number. The Foundation is dedicated to assisting bright, economically disadvantaged children from genuinely poor homes. A pupil’s demonstrated academic ability and promise are taken into account. Eligibility for assistance is also based on family’s overall living conditions. The assistance given is not done as a concession to poverty but rather as an award for ability that has been shackled by poverty.